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Edge Data Centers are purpose-built micro data centers, comprehensively and compactly designed to include critical power, distribution, physical security, and cooling. EDCs can be anchored at your location, at the base of cell towers, or corporate campus locations enabling customers to locate critical IT workloads in close proximity to end users.

Key Features Include:

Maximum Security

Meet or exceed regulatory compliance requirements with integrated security features including mantraps with interlocking doors, security cameras with AI and facial recognition and multi-factor physical access controls.

High Density Cooling

Choose between N+1 or 2N cooling options pursuant to your operation’s specific requirements.

Fire Suppression

The pre-installed turnkey Novec 1230 fire suppression system was designed as an alternative and environmentally friendly replacement for halon.  Unlike water, this gas doesn’t damage the sensitive contents of the edge data center.

Cabinet Options

Pre-configured with Schneider Electric or APC cabinets in a variety of configurations.

Intelligent Surveillance

Leveraging AI and facial recognition, camera systems can work hand in hand with access control limiting man trap access to just one individual or as policy prescribes. Cameras are installed throughout the structure as required.

UPS Solutions

Eliminate the need for cabinet mounted UPS equipment by choosing between N+1 or 2N UPS options.
As Little as 90 Days From Order to Delivery

With multiple locations in the U.S. and overseas, the breath and capability of our manufacturing partners ensure you will receive a fully assembled, tested and turn-key data center in as little as 90 days.

Global Edge Data Center Provider

Global Delivery, Local Service

With manufacturing capabilities on three continents, your needs are covered.


From Arctic snow loads, to the Hurricane force winds of Florida, engineering edge data centers from the top down means taking all environmental factors into account.


What’s more, Data Isolate recognizes the ever changing geo political climate. This is why we’ve incorporated a wide variety of customizable options such bullet resistant structures and advanced protection from EMPs.

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